Sunday, 10 January 2010

Trainee hypnotist accidentally puts himself in trance

A newly trained hypnotist accidentally set himself into a deep sleep for five hours after practicing in front of a mirror in his home in London.
Helmut Kichmeier was pulled out of the trance after his wife Joanna called hypnotherapist Dr Ray Roberts, who had been assisting the 27-year-old trainee for a new act.

“He was just starring at himself in the mirror, his pupils were tiny, which I know is a sign of someone under hypnosis,” the Telegraph quoted Joanna as saying.
“I tried to ask him what was wrong but he didn’t answer and it was then I looked at the sofa behind him and saw a book named Hypnosis Medicine of the Mind".

“It was opened on page 45 and a chapter named hypnotic anesthesia and I realized there was something wrong. At first I panicked and tried to talk to Helmut but he didn’t respond".

“It was only then I noticed a letter next to the book a letter from his mentor, Dr Roberts, and I knew what I had to do,” she added.

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