Saturday, 20 June 2009

Does the HSBC support cruelty to anmals?

So does the HSBC support cruelty to animals? Your first reaction would be to say no, how could a company this big get away with something like that? Easy, they do it indirectly and without even thinking of the consequences it would seem.

I saw a commercial on TV recently about how the HSBC never underestimate the importance of local knowledge showing a fisherman in In Guilin, China using birds to catch fish and to prevent the bird from swallowing the catch the fisherman ties a piece of string around it's neck. He then takes the fish from the bird and the bird goes to get another.

It strikes me a little strange that a large company would choose this kind of commercial, of course in the actual commercial you don't see any string but the facts remain, it's animal cruelty. This kind of cruelty is part of everyday life in China and I would imagine the Chinese authority's do not have a problem with it but the HSBC is not Chinese and nor am I.

I wouldn't go as far to say I was an animal rights activist or anything but I just don't like to see animal cruelty, I would ban the horse whip and performing animals if I ever came to power but that's another story.

I just wish the HSBC would have thought about this a little more before making a commercial that however indirectly, glorifies cruelty to animals.

This is the actual video HSBC Video

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